This time around the Mercedes-Benz c-class saloon art painting

This time around the Mercedes-Benz c-class saloon art painting activities, will be a domestic luxury car art and automotive innovation in the area of "cross-border" integration. Artists will be live art painting, achieving limousine fashion with the perfect combination of avant-garde art in the avant-garde art in the interpretation of the cross-border mode together with the family car, sturdy Bull rushed out of the shackles of time and geography of the wild, full of gray modern industrial complex of the former, christian louboutin shoes sale and elegant dance ballerina dance. Burst of power and passion, young and elegant blooms, each other, the interpretation has a history of Mercedes-Benz c-class unique and profound understanding. In the oxen and the dancers of the dance of the River, young artists are carefully listened to passionate and elegant mixture of dance, angle of lean techniques, novel re-interpretation of collisions with power and grace and unity. Under the keen art strokes, concentrated set of Mercedes-Benz c-class will make the bulls that a volcanic eruption of wild passion and gentle elegance of ballet dancers such as magnolias bloom, sparks sparks?