players will need to pause because of the high temperatures

FIFA Chief Medical Officer dewoxiakeri in Brazil Sao Paulo confirmed that in football during the World Cup if the weather is hot, set technical time-out the players hydrated during the game,fifa ultimate coins FIFA will be one hour before the start of every game to determine whether players will need to pause because of the high temperatures caused by physical exertion is too large. Dvorak said, "this is a medical problem, we will make a decision before each game, we are unable to say where performed, it depends on the game situation, our medical team will be analyzed, we will be one hour before the start of the FIFA informed consideration of weather conditions. ”

Dvorak think FIFA is not special worried hot weather, because through water and using wet towel, measures are enough to reduced high temperature brings of effects, does not to players brings had big hurt total field game will in near equatorial of Brazil Northeast area Shi around held, respectively is: Mexico team against Cameroon team, and Italy team against Uruguay team, and Germany team against Portugal team, and Bosnia team against Iran team, and Italy team against Costa Rica team, and United States team against Germany team, Buy Fifa 14 Coins For Sale | Cheap Fifa 14 PC, PS3/ps4, XBOX 360/ONE Coins Online In addition there is a big one-eighth the final date of FIFA Executive Committee decided to accept the Italy coach Cesare prandelli's recommendations, in the year Brazil during the World Cup soccer tournament, if the temperature exceed c, the race will be suspended at least once, getting the players to add moisture.