awards no accident no Portugal who went to the scene

With Lionel Messi injured, greatly increases the chances of Cristiano Ronaldo won the FIFA Golden Ball award, 014, January 13, FIFA in Switzerland Zurich headquarters, FIFA held its annual awards ceremony. At which time it was star-studded, buy fifa 14 coins which wish to acompete for the award of the most important--the FIFA Golden Ball award candidates in particular receive special attention, but this would probably not have Portugal star Ronaldo's shadow, even though he is considered to be the most popular one. As in previous years, competition for finalists of the Golden Globes not surprisingly, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, plus led Bayern Munich won three trophies this year, access to UEFA the year Frenchman Franck ribery, the three players are most optimistic about winning the Golden Ball, one of the most popular candidates. Although the FIFA Award is considered to be the FIFA annual gala, but next year's awards no accident no Portugal who went to the scene.

Spain famous sports media Aspen daily news, Cristiano Ronaldo has been basically determined not to visit Switzerland FIFA in January next year to attend the award ceremony. Since late last month, FIFA President Sepp Blatter publicly voiced his Barcelona and Argentina headed star Lionel Messi supported thoroughly angered Ronaldo, to counteract the apparent bias of the FIFA boss, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to refuse to attend the FIFA Award. Blatter at the end of October to accept United Kingdom media visits, was publicly expressing support for Lionel Messi win the Golden Ball and Ronaldo banished is worthless, thoroughly angered the Portugal Football Federation, clubs and Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid himself.

As FIFA President and he made inappropriate comments to myself in a lot of trouble, although he had sent a message to Ronaldo and interpreting public Twitter, but he did not publicly apologized, so thoroughly offended Ronaldo. Ronaldo has always been tensions and FIFA, Blatter's "fuel" for Portugal and FIFA relationship falls below freezing point. To resist Blatter, Ronaldo decided not to go to the ceremony. But Portugal were other considerations are also likely to be considered your winning chances this summer, UEFA's annual awards ceremony of Portugal who was absent. Although named in the top three candidates, but Portugal who considered his winning chances and hence did not go to the scene, and the result is identical with his estimate, Frenchman Franck ribery finally won MVP awards.